About Us

The Panhandle Mental Health Guide is a project of the Panhandle Behavioral Health Alliance. One of the ways we can improve how our region promotes mental well-being in everyday life is to connect people in need with the resources that exist for mental health care and addiction. That’s where the Panhandle Mental Health Guide comes in. 

Whether you’re a provider looking to make a referral, a family member looking for resources for a loved one or someone looking for mental health resources for themselves, the Panhandle Mental Health Guide can help you find and connect with mental health services and practitioners in the Texas Panhandle area.

The Panhandle Mental Health Guide is made possible by the following current generous funders and sponsors:

PBHA appreciates the previous generous funders and sponsors of the Panhandle Mental Health Guide:

About the Panhandle Behavioral Health Alliance (PBHA)

PBHA brings together mental health practitioners, nonprofits, community members and mental health consumers to find solutions that improve the mental health system of care in the Texas Panhandle. Our three main focus areas include: 

  • Prevention and early intervention for behavioral health issues
  • Access to behavioral health care and alignment with physical health care and other local systems
  • Workforce recruitment to address the shortage of behavioral health professionals

If you would like to be a part of this work, please join us. Email or