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One-stop mental health shop throwing pizza party in Langford on June 24

Goldstream News Gazette - 6/4/2024

Thrive Social Services is throwing a pizza party on Wednesday, June 5, at Veterans Memorial Park in Langford from 4 to 6 p.m. to celebrate the launch of the West Shore Foundry.

"This is not about talking heads. It is about gathering the community to celebrate," Scott Bradford, Thrive executive director, said.

The Foundry is a one-stop mental health shop incorporating primary care, sexual health, mental health, peer support, family support and social services under one roof.

"It's really comprehensive. Young people and their families will know exactly where to go. Instead of bouncing around the city trying to find who's got the shortest waitlist," Bradford said.

The centre is slated to open in 2026 and will give the team at Thrive plenty of time to get everything ready at the Foundry for when the project is complete.

It will cater to people aged 12-24, whether their needs are physical, mental, or substance-related. The Foundry will examine all these needs and find ways to address them.

"If one block is missing, it makes the whole entity unstable. So we must recognize that to be stable in life, we must address all the building blocks," Bradford said.

For decades, mental health was dealt with in secret, and many suffered in silence, leading to serious consequences like suicide. Bradford said they hope to create an environment where it is safe to talk about these concerns at the Foundry.

"By talking about it, we are 100 per cent making it safe to say 'I have issues just like everybody else, and I need help,"' said Bradford. "When my car breaks down. People don't judge me for bringing it in to get an oil change, tire fix, or windshield. We shouldn't be judging people to go and address the issues that they may have."

To find out more about the services Foundry offer please visit: