Welcome to the Panhandle Mental Health Guide! This site can help you find information about resources in your community for people of all ages with behavioral-health (mental health and/or substance use) needs.

What You Can Expect to Find

The Panhandle Mental Health Guide Service Directory includes hundreds of listings of programs and providers that support and offer resources and services within the Texas Panhandle region for people with behavioral-health needs.

What if you want to list your agency or service on the Panhandle Mental Health Guide website or make any corrections to your listing

The Panhandle Behavioral Health Alliance accepts requests from providers to be listed on this website. Please go to the homepage and at the top of the page, select Services on the toolbar. Then select Add New Agency from the drop-down menu. Please complete the form and submit for consideration. You will be contacted if there are any questions about your request.

To update your listing, after you select Services on the toolbar, please select Update Listing on the drop-down menu and make your edits and submit the changes.

How to Search for Information in the Service Directory

The Panhandle Mental Health Guide can help you find community services for people of all ages with behavioral-health (mental health and/or substance use) needs.

There are four different ways you can search for information in the Service Directory:

  1. Click through the categories and subcategories in the Service Directory.
  1. Enter a keyword or words for the service you are looking for and your zip code, then click the red search button.

    To improve your search results, use quotation marks when searching for a specific phrase. For example, if you search for mental health, a search WITHOUT quotation marks would find all listings that include the word mental and all listings that include the word health. A search WITH quotation marks (“mental health”) would find listings only with the phrase “mental health.”

    Keep in mind that if you use quotation marks, you will only get listings that include that EXACT phrase. If you are not getting the results you expect to see, try a similar phrase!

  1. If you’d like to find information on resources across the Panhandle region (not just in your own community), enter keyword(s) for the service you are looking for, leave the zip code field blank, and then hit the red search button.
  1. The Guided Search feature near the top of the Service Directory helps steer your search in the right direction.

What Kind of Information You Can Expect to Find

When you enter a keyword or phrase, the Panhandle Mental Health Guide will return Subcategory Results and Services Results within 10 miles of your zip code. Subcategory Results is a list of all the different subcategories in the service directory that include listings that match your search term(s). Services Results yields all the listings (programs and organizations) that match your search term(s).

If you get too many or too few results, try:

  • changing your search term(s)
  • putting quotation marks around search terms
  • changing the zip code radius of your search.

Each program or organization in the directory has its own page with a brief description, contact information, hours, populations served, eligibility requirements, and other helpful information.

What if I Come Across Information that is Incorrect?

If you see any information that is missing or incorrect, please click the blue “Edit this Listing” button at the top right corner of the page. Your change will be verified and updated on the Panhandle Mental Health Guide site. Thank you!

Don’t Forget to Visit the Library

Please also visit the Panhandle Mental Health Guide library for a searchable database of fact sheets and articles. Topics include interactive tools, health topics, symptom checker and articles on a variety of heath topics written by leading experts and organizations in their fields.